Membrane replacement


After having unscrewed the high pressure and low pressure hoses, please remove the nut covers, install the membrane unit on an horizontal surface, unscrew the nuts with a 17mm wrench, remove the rods, remove the alloy brackets, disconnect the membrane(s) from the interconnector, tighten each membrane black end cap in a vice, then pull to get the membrane end cap out, get the membrane out of its location.

Push the membrane inside, with the O-ring on the red side and a little washing-up liquid on this O-ring, and slide a little screwdriver around the O-ring to help it entering and push always on the outside of the membrane (and not on the centre tube).

Fit the membrane end caps together, then in a horizontal position, fit the interconnector again.

Screw carefully the rods again by turning around the bracket, tightening crosswise, the mounting of the high pressure connectors should be done with a little Loctite 542 on the two cones.

Download the procedure in PDF format