AUTOMATIC AC/DC DUO - 12/24V and 120/230V - Patented models

Fresh water production: 60 or 100 liters/hour

Modular version with remote control panel
For motorboats and sailboats from 10 to 15 meters
The world's first dual-energy watermaker system
A single inverter allows the starting of the motor in 12V or 24V and in 120V or 230V
The Duo is a clever and patented system.

The DUO AC/DC AUTOMATIC model is equipped with a motorized regulator.
The rise in pressure takes place automatically and remains stabilized in the right zone in order to obtain optimal production in all circumstances.

Thanks to this system, the motors engage independently of each other, without electric clutch or manual intervention on the pulleys. Reliable and 100% safe, like all Dessalator products.
For more than ten years, the DUO 60 and 100 have been fitted in series by major shipyards and are the essential choice of sailors. The advantage of the Duo is the "2 in 1", as if you had two watermakers, with the possibility of optimal and logical operation.

For example: when there is no wind and the motor is running, there is 12V or 24V at will. Here, direct current operation is interesting (DUO 60: 370 W, DUO 100: 600 W).
At anchor or when the generator is running, the watermaker is used at 230V.

It's low power consumption (DUO 60: 5A, DUO 100: 6.5A) allows full charger power to be retained for recharging batteries and other uses (e.g. hot water tank).

In standard assembly, only the hull valve with strainer is delivered. The other valves can be supplied on request because most of the time the discharges are connected to existing discharges and the fresh water departures often have shut-off valves.

The advantages of this product are:

  • AC/DC dual-energy system
  • Pressure rise is done automatically
  • high flow rates
  • modular design to fit into small spaces
  • Integrated automatic rinsing
  • Easy to use, easy to maintain
  • Robust components offering strength and reliability
  • Option: wired or wireless mini-control, automatic regulation
  • reliability recognized for more than 35 years.