Instructions for sterilisation

  1. Thoroughly rinse the watermaker with fresh water for a period of ten minutes, using the three way valve. Depending on the model, this valve is located either on the preliminary filter or on the pump inlet.

  2. For the entire contents of the sterilizer / cleaner dose into a bucket containing 8 litres of water.

  3. Disconnect the seawater inlet pipe and immerse it into the bucket. Start up the watermaker, without increasing pressure, until the bucket is empty.
    When this operation is completed, reconnect the seawater pipe.

If you have a garden spray, this operation can be carried out manually as follows:

  • Mix the entire contents of the sterilizer / cleaner dose with 10 litres of fresh water and fill the spray with this mixture.
  • Increase the spray pressure to 3 or 4 bars and spray the sterilizer / cleaner mixture into the watermaker inlet.

Next time the watermaker is used, simply flush it out with fresh water and the sterilizer will be washed out (proceed as in 1 above).