Installation instructions - HP Connectors

  1. Screw the brass union (skirt) anti-clockwise onto the HP pipe, no more than 2.5cm. Stop where the inner threading disappears.
  2. Insert the steel tapered end-piece into the stainless steel nut, and tighten very firmly on the male tapered union.
  3. Lightly grease the tip of the stainless steel cone and screw it straight into the brass union. Stop where the steel threading disappears into the brass endpiece (a gap of approximately 7mm between the nut and the brass union).
  4. Unscrew the nut of the tapered adaptor. The connector is now ready for the hose from pump to membrane. We recommend using an insulating pipe to protect it against vibrations.
  5. IMPORTANT: Check carefully that the end-piece does not block the hose:
    • Please don’t forget to put Loctite or watertight product on the male and female cones when remounting.
    • Please check that the HP connector is not blocked up.
      • either by blowing into the hose
      • or by inserting a screwdriver to check free passage.

You can download the PDF brochure