Our agent in China

Godfrey Zwygart
Contact: Godfrey Zwygart
Company 27, Luling Rd 572000 Sanya Hainan Chine Phone: +86-18808998617
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Kohler Power Systems
Contact: Baolin Ye – Area Manager, Marine
Company 2F, No. 158 Jiangchang Rd, Zhabei District 200436 PRC Shanghai Chine Phone: +86 21 2606 2000*2169 Mobile: +86 18505192835 Fax: +86 21 6107 8904 Website:
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Zhuhai God Power International Ltd
Company B5-113,Building 5,No.328 Shengping Rd Pingsha Town,Jinwan Dist Zhuhai Guangdong P.R.China 519055 Phone: 0756-7750722 Fax: 0756-7750115 Website:
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You can download the list of our agents in Asia as PDF-File.