Close of the dessalinator:

  1. Close the sea water inlet valve.
  2. Open the sterilizing cartridge
  3. Remove the top grid
  4. Place the foam filter at the bottom of the filter
  5. Pour the powder into the cartridge
  6. Replace the top grid and close the cartridge
  7. Check that the seal is properly positioned.
  8. Remove the 5μm cartridge from the pre-filter.
  • For the range 12, 24V and DUO:

    Remove the 5µm cartridge from the pre-filter

  • For the range 230 and 400V:

    Remove the 5µm cartridge from the 2nd pre-filter

9. Replace with the sterilizing cartridge

  • For the range 12, 24V and DUO :

    Replace the 5µm cartridge with the sterilizing cartridge ST2.

  • For the range 230 and 400V :

    Replace the 5μm cartridge (in the 2nd pre-filter) with the sterilizing cartridge.

10. Set the rinsing valve to pressurized fresh water and leave a little sterilizer in the filter.
11. Do not run the desalinator at this point.
12. The sterilization remains effective for six months at most. (Repeat after this time as necessary).

Before next use, rinse the desalinator thoroughly with fresh water for 15 minutes. Ensure that the sterilizing cartridge has been removed and replaced by a 5 μm cartridge.

BEWARE: The ST2 cartridge is reusable.

You can download the PDF brochure

Sterilizing cartridge