How to winterize your watermaker

Several solutions are possible:

  1. If someone regularly comes on board, rinsing with the three-way valve on the pre pump will be sufficient; this should be carried out while the watermaker is idle.
  2. For extended periods (5 to 6 months) of storage, we have developed a sterilizing cartridge (see the page sterilizing cartridge).
  3. FREEZING CONDITIONS: If the boat stays in a very cold region, please take a bucket containing 8 litres of warm fresh water mixed with one glycerine litre (you will find it in a drugstore) and let the seawater inlet hose suck up the mixture by starting the watermaker without pressure. You should then empty the flow meter tube on the control panel by blowing into the blue hose connected to the membranes. In normal winter conditions, only empty the flow meter tube and use the sterilizing cartridge ST2.