Intensive utilisation range

If you need more water and if you have a generator of at least 12KW, preferably in threephased 230V or 400V, this range of 300 litres / hour will fit your requirement of fresh water.

Tank capacities of boats tend more and more to reduce for a simple reason: to avoid excessive weights.

We conceived water makers with high outputs, which allows to quickly satisfy the requirements and to spare energy.

  • Pre-filters:

  • Pre pump:

This range can be delivered in 2 front panel versions:

Compact model:

Pump motor unit together with the front panel on an ABS frame.
We recommend this version when an engine room is available.

Installation diagram Dessalator D300 PRO - Compact

Vertical front panel

Installation diagram Dessalator D300 PRO Vertical

Model with mini control panel

We have moreover an optional product for the control panels of this range, which allows starting and stopping the machine and which is of a very little and discrete size.

The connection of this mini control panel is done with only one cable.
Optional wireless connection available, range up to 50 meters.


Width: 8cm, Height: 16cm, Depth: 8cm

Installation diagram D300 PRO with mini remote control - compacte and vertical version