Innovazione è novite del Dessalator®

Da molti anni, DESSALATOR® è sempre stato il precursore nello campo dell' innovazione.

For more than 35 years, we have innovated and made improvements to our watermakers .

Through her drive for innovation, Dessalator introduced numerous additional features and improvements to their watermakers over the years. 
All new developments, no matter if it is a complete new machine or a basic firmware upgrade, are tested extensively and rigorously under harsh, real-world conditions before released for production. 
New features are virtually always backwards compatible with the installed base, this means that in most cases Dessalator can upgrade your machine with the newest features, even it has been used for years.
Recently the following products were introduced, that provide added comfort and ease of use:

Automatic Pressure Regulation

Standard on the PRO-Auto series, but available as an option for all models.

Dessalator Remote Control

A neat Remote Control with display that lets you control and monitor your watermaker.
Optionally you can connect it wireless to your watermaker.